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How Does it Work?

Hiw build

1. Build

Choose the music-themed outfit styles that best suit your child. Our Stylists will do the rest!

Hiw borrow

2. Borrow

Wear each outfit, or mix-and-match the new looks with your exsisting clothing. Wear as often as you'd like for 30 days!

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3. Buy

Love something? Discounted pricing for purchases in the Wardrobe or through our Brand partners.

Hiw giveback

4. Give Back

At the end of your rental, send us back the non-purchased clothing. Free shipping both ways!

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Green is the New Black


We’re passionate about helping others, especially those less fortunate. Join Edison in promoting community service, charitable initiatives, and eco-friendly practices. Once an item is passed its rentability, we’ll donate it in a Refurbished Wardrobe with the help of our charity partners. We’re dedicated to make sure this clothing gets a second life and stays out of landfills.

With the help of our community we can "Clothe The World!"


Anything worn-out or too damaged to donate is recycled into new clothing or into other materials. We are committed to leaving a healthy planet for our children.

Check out new episodes of Edison & Friends to spread the knowledge and joy associated with acts of kindness. The episodes are available on our channel; rest assured you can feel good about your child’s screen time.