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Let’s get this party started! All we need is the basic info for your child and we’re up and running. You can give us more information later to better curate your Wardrobe.

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Select Your Outfits

Here's the scoop, all Wardrobes are packed with a minimum of 4 outfits. A Premium Wardrobe includes previously borrowed apparel. The Deluxe Wardrobe is comprised of completely new clothing. Want more? You can add up to 5 additional outfits in each Wardrobe.

Choose one or all of our music themed outfit styles. Experience the joys of confidence and comfort with snazzy brands and styles.

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Wardrobe Arrives

Wear each outfit, or mix-and-match the new looks with your existing clothing. Wear as often as you’d like during your rental period.

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Reduced Pricing to Buy

No need to stress out, unlike other companies you don't have to purchase anything at all! Love something? Take advantage of discounted pricing for purchases in the Wardrobe or through our Brand partners.

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Rinse and Repeat

Once your rental period is over, send back anything you don’t “have to have.” We’ll send a fresh Wardrobe your way. All clothing is professionally dry-cleaned and undergoes stringent inspection. Enjoy the fresh gear!

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Input Your Feedback

To help the stylists perfect your look, provide 1-5 hearts on each item. When you rate everything in your wardrobe, our stylists know which clothing you like best, and which styles you’d like to receive again.
You can Earn EW Dough for answering brand and service surveys.

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