What is Everlasting Wardrobe (EW)?

Everlasting Wardrobe (EW) is an upscale children’s rental-apparel service that offers a discovery subscription for everyday wear. Your kids will love our spokesperson, Edison the Everlasting Wardrobe. He and his friends spread confidence and comfort through the gift of clothing while simultaneously teaching about the importance of community service and philanthropy.

How much does each Everlasting Wardrobe subscription box cost?

For subscribers, each Wardrobe will cost $40. The Deluxe Wardrobe costs $80 and contains entirely brand-new clothing.

What’s the difference between a Premium and Deluxe Wardrobe?

A Deluxe Wardrobe contains only clothing that your child will be the first to wear. Premium Wardrobes may contain previously worn items thats are professionally laundered and inspected.

What ages and sizes do you service?

Currently, Everlasting Wardrobe is sending wardrobes for boys and girls age 6 Months to 12 Years; or sizes 6M - 14Y

How many outfits are in each box?

Each Wardrobe contains four (4) outfits. Community members have the option to add additional outfits for $9 per (Premium) or $18 (Deluxe).

How long can I keep an EW box for?

You can keep a Wardrobe up to 30 days, and feel free to wear your outfits as often as you’d like during that period. Go ahead… Mix & Match!

Do I get to choose the outfits that come in the box?

You do not get to choose the individual items of clothing. To maintain affordability for members, we cannot promise specific clothing. Subscribers choose from which clothing genres they would like each of their outfits to be. That said, each customer will create a profile and have the option to be as influential as they’d like in their child’s Wardrobe selections. With your help, we can get to know their tastes and interests. Our professional stylists, clothing recommendation engine, and proprietary sizing algorithms will curate the perfect outfit(s).

What genres of clothing do I get to choose from?

Jazz- Bold and sophisticated! Improvisation and syncopation!

Techno- This is an exuberant clothing style with unique colors, patterns, and materials.

Indie- Adorn yourself in our all organic clothing lines and looks. Mother Earth thanks you!

Pop- This genre allows you to test new styles and modern looks.

Lullaby-: A pajama option (both summer and winter options). Launching later this year.

Jock Jams- For your budding all-star! Or, perhaps those who prefer the comfort of athleisure. Coming Soon!

Hip Hop- For all the cool kids! These bold styles are perfect for that effortless swag.

Are any of those more expensive than others?

All our genres are equally priced. We do offer our community the option to pay an additional $10 per outfit to receive guaranteed never-borrowed clothing. Recipients will receive only items that have yet to enter our system of sharing.

Is the clothing clean?

As the sharing economy takes over, we want to insure all of our customers that all clothing is professionally dry-cleaned and/or laundered, and closely inspected before shipment and upon return.

What happens if I want to keep something in the box?

If you fall in love with something in your wardrobe, we want to make it easy for you to purchase it. With every Wardrobe we provide a receipt featuring both the price at retail, and the price at which we are able to offer it to our customers. The price is based on the life-cycle of an item and can be up to 70% off of retail. You can purchase anything directly from your profile Dashboard as soon as you receive your wardrobe. Or, you can wait until you send everything back. Whichever you prefer!

What happens if my child damages or destroys something in the box?

We understand that with children’s clothing comes potentially heavy everyday use. If something is destroyed, the maximum amount you will pay is the price listed in the receipt to keep it. Every claim and incident will be determined on a case by case basis. Remember, even if you’re the first to borrow a piece of clothing, it will still be at a discount from retail should you choose to purchase it. But, we’d like to donate as much gently-used clothing as possible, so please take care!

What happens if I lose an item?

We understand that with children’s clothing comes potentially heavy everyday use. If something is destroyed, the maximum amount you will pay is the price listed in the receipt to keep it. Every claim and incident will be determined on a case by case basis. Remember, even if you’re the first to borrow a piece of clothing, it will still be at a discount from retail should you choose to purchase it. But, we’d like to donate as much gently-used clothing as possible, so please take care!

What happens if I don’t like an item sent in the box?

We hope that never occurs! We will do our best to improve your next Wardrobe every rental period. If there are significant issues, please reach out on our customer care lines or via the contact us page. We will do our best to make it right. Remember, the more feedback we get from you, the better we can serve. In every electronic receipt, you’ll be asked to review each item in your Wardrobe. This feedback also earns you the opportunity to receive EW Dough for use throughout the site and in-box purchases.

How often can I send my Wardrobe back in to switch out for a new one?

All items can be kept for up to 30 days. The deadline for shipping back will be listed on your dashboard and materials included within your Wardrobe.

How often is an item rented before it is retired?

It depends on each specific item, but each article of clothing is tracked in our system and examined for quality when it is returned and before it’s sent out again. Any item that doesn’t meet our stringent standards is donated to families in-need. Most items of inventory are donated or recycled after 2-4 months.

What is the quality level of the clothing I will receive in a box?

We aim to only fill your Wardrobe with high-quality branded and boutique clothing. Every outfit averages to $65-150 at retail pricing; Every Wardrobe contains, on average, over $350 worth of clothing!

What brands can I expect to see in a box?

We are currently working to expand our clothing partner list, but we aim to feature brands you’re proud to put your kids in, and outfits that you can’t help posting a few pictures to make your friends jealous. We will be searching for brands all over the world, including those based in your area, to help you have the most stylish child in school!

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will initially be charged upon your signup and payment for your first wardrobe. Afterwich, Everlasting Wardrobe will charge your card 32 days from account creation or the last payment date on your account. At which point, EW should have already received confirmation that your previous month’s wardrobe is en route in the prepaid return mailer.

How do I update my billing info?

You can update your billing information anytime from account Dashboard. If you experience any errors saving your information, please try accessing the site from a different device or web browser.

Do you take personal checks or gift cards?

We accept all major credit cards that are connected to a U.S. billing address. We do not accept personal checks, cash or PayPal. Also, Everlasting Wardrobe cannot accept third-party gift cards regardless of the issuing credit card company.

Will I be notified if something isn’t right with my Billing info?

If for any reason, we are unable to process your payment, you will be notified via email.

Trouble logging-in?

Try using the reset password options on the login screen. If problems persist please contact us at [email protected]

I don’t have any kids, but I’d like to send a Wardrobe as a gift?

Gift options are available. Buy your loved ones the joys of an Everlasting Wardrobe! We will need parents or guardians to register the gift cards and fill out sizing information and style preferences upon signup. Afterwhich, we can curate each box just right!

What happens if they want to keep an item or unfortunately it gets damaged?

Gifts will still need to be redeemed with a profile of the child so we know all their sizing info. Billing information for the designated Wardrobe/recipient will be charged. Each item of inventory is between 10-70% off depending on its lifecycle.

What is EW Dough?

EW Dough is our reward points system that you can use toward in-box purchases. You cannot use your accumulated EW Dough to discount the cost of a subscription but it can be used to purchase things your children love in their new wardrobes each month, or to replace any items that get damaged or lost for no additional cost! Look out for opportunities to earn more EW Dough, by answering surveys, referring embers, and filling out your Fit & Style Cards each month.

I would like to become an official brand partner or corporate partner of EW, what is the best way to get in contact?

Who wouldn’t like to get their product(s) in front of thousands and thousands of parents and their children. Reach out to us through our contact page or follow the Become a Brand Partner link at the bottom of any page.

How do you select your clothing partners?

We want to make sure that all our clothing partners share the same ideals as us! It’s important That all your clothes are made of high-quality, responsibly farmed materials. Our community dictates the brands we carry via the feedback they constantly provide.

What happens to clothing that is too worn to be rented?

Once clothing is no longer fit to be rented, we professionally clean, mend, and donate in Refurbished Wardrobes to our charity partners. We want our clothing recipients to receive the self-esteem and confidence boost that comes with receiving and wearing nice clothing.

What happens to clothing that is too stained or contains tears or rips?

We’ve partnered with Wearable Collections to collect all those items so they can have a new life as recycled clothing or other textile materials.

How else can I support the Everlasting Mission?

We want help in this mission to dress every child across the country in stylish, high-quality clothes whether they’re renting from us, or receiving clothing via one of our participating partners. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

How can I support the EW foundation, if I don’t have extra income to rent clothing?

We can always use more donations! But keep in mind; On average, Americans spend $1200-$1500 a year on clothing (per child). The future is here! Spend a fraction of that!

How can I apply to be a clothing recipient?

We normally work with schools, or other youth organizations with which to team up and gift Refurbished Wardrobes. Shoot us a message at [email protected] as we’d be happy to discuss this further.

I would like to donate clothing to give to participating families and organizations, but I am not an EW subscriber?